A Girl Can Never Have Too Many Shoes?!

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes…

Right okay, this is one of the most heated debates in my house, girls can never have enough shoes. I stand by this statement completely. However Imelda Marcos in my eyes took her shoe fetish too far!The ultimate shoe collectorImelda Marcos- The widow of former president Ferdinand Marcos- a beautifully lady.

 I see this lady as an inspirational collector of an item to her that obviously was important to her image; maybe she wanted the image of the women with most shoes, I wouldn’t mind racing her with the consistant growing rate of my shoes collection. It seems she had over 2,000 pair! Is this called going to far with her collection?! I think just a little bit. I would love to have that many pairs of shoes to choose from but the truth is YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO WEAR THEM ALL! Not unless you change your shoes at least twice a day! She must have one for each emotion and for each emotion each style and colour, it’s bizarre!  

Now my point to this is that my parents, grandparents and those of my friends who have heard of Imelda Marcos have started calling me Imelda! It’s not my fault I feel shoes are an neccessity to women; to me they are like art they express your personality your feeling, they connect your personality with your outfit. I mean I am far from Imelda I am 1,953 pairs of shoes less than her! So far my shoe collection ranges from high heals to specifically skateboarding trainers! I only have 47 that’s not even 1/8 of Imelda’s collection.

Do I have too many shoes to you? Personally I think I am just sensible I have shoes for different locations and events, I’m prepared.

So my thought of the day can girls have too many shoes?!


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Does anyone else think that The Used incourage self-harm?

After listening to some of the most amazing music by the band The Used, I feel that the lyrics encourage self-harm; when I was listening to one of their most famous songs ‘All That I’ve Got’ I just felt depressed and it made cutting yourself sound like a way out, an acceptable thing to do: when I don’t think self harm is the answer or solution.

Don’t get me wrong I love the band The Used, and I don’t cut myself, but I now understand why people associate it with the words “emo”, “sad”, and “scene”. I’m going to steorotype here but emo’s who do cut themself probably do listen to The Used because it makes depression sound cool.

I love The Used and I don’t think they intentionally mean to make their songs seem as if they are depressed and that cutting yourself is okay.

Anyway take a listen to the video and see what you think (:

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Fabuloso Friday with Ze Frank

the man

Ze Frank Portrait

Ze Frank, the amazing blogger, let us viewers embark on an entertaining adventure where we decided the topic for one blog; amazing idea!

Us “Sports Racers” decided that we wanted the hilarious Ze Frank to cover in 3 minutes, world cup, same sex marriage ban, jupiturd, caffeine, beckham, shower, bathroom furnishings, hair gel, campfire songs and democracy: such a wide range of topics, but like always Ze Frank meets the challenge set!

He made hilarious comments and opinions on each of the topics and made them all lead on to another topic. I think the most amazing part was when he started to sing, the man has guts and talent in connecting with the audience. He is my inspiration on my blogging and if I ever meet this guy I will buy him a dougnut!

Check out his Fabuloso Friday Blog and let me know what you think: http://www.zefrank.com/theshow/archives/2006/06/060906.html


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Finally I am connected with the world.

Well, i’m Nikki Coward, I am 16 years old, hi 😀

I am currently exploring the world of blogging, and so far I think it is amazingly diverse!

I hope all you other bloggers out there keep track of my blogs and enjoy (:

Bye for now 😀


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